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Health & Wellness  Coach
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 I am honored to share my testimony with you. As a health wellness coach, I guide you from the side with helpful information about the benefits of healthier life style.  Before Herbalife my cholesterol and blood pressure were high and I was looking for something to help support my weight loss. After Herbalife I maintained my weight loss of 25lbs and my cholesterol lowered 16 points.  I am on no medications and I have amazing energy. Please click the Herbalife icon to visit my webpage for more information about these amazing products.

Vocal Coaching

 Are you serious about developing your vocal talent? If so “Walter Johnson’s Basic Vocal Workout” is for you! Walter E Johnson, Jr. graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina A&T with a B.A. in Music.  Walter Johnson has successfully taught voice for over ten years and cultivated this workout for singers whose time and money prevent training on a regular basis. Now you can have this established vocal coach guiding you by simply pressing “play.”

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